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Workflows & process management for startups


Would you recommend this product?
Co-Founder, CoderSchool

I went back to Trello because of interface snappiness, but I do find myself missing some of the features of Pipefy.


It's a brilliant idea (Kanban for processes) and I appreciate that they have a free tier.


The product is slow, to the point where I found myself not being happy tusing it.

Founder @MeetingRoom365

Wonderful product. Was one of my favorites, even though it had tons of bugs in it's first year, was happy to pay.

Then one of those bugs broke my account. Customer support is unresponsive / slow / sometimes just closes your ticket and doesn't bother responding to basic problems like "I can't update my payment details".

Then they lost all my data. So, yeah. Wonderful product, until I had to deal with Pipefy's support team, and they lost all my data.


Wonderful UI


Bugs, then they lost all my data

Helping People!

This is the swiss army knife of cloud flexible process management tools covering a broad spectrum of use cases like task management, all of the acronymn things - PM, BPM, BPO, CRM, perhaps even backend for a headless CMS. I have only used it a week but it's already got an easier to use and easier to administer interface w/ more intuitive administration, greater flexibility and more features out of the box than any of the alternatives like Trello, Asana, JIRA, etc. Shocked at reviews which must be from original mvp launch?


Flexibility, Ease of Use, Team Managment, UI, Process Management, Task Management


Google Oauth not on Mobile App, Marketplace is only internally developed, Zapier Capabilities not as robust as API

ClickUp is so much better than this.