PipeDrive CRM

Effortless pipeline management.

#3 Product of the DayMarch 25, 2014
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11 Reviews4.5/5
Just switched to this based on glowing reviews for others. We use it for new business and has been working out great so far. I put together a Rapportive Raplet that pulls in Rapportive information right alongside Gmail - it also lets you add new users to Pipedrive if they don't exist. Free & open-source, if anyone is interested in using it: https://pipedrive.herokuapp.com/
Pipedrive is great if you're managing a small number of deals or really want a high level drag/drop interface for moving deals around statuses. For higher volume sales, or if you're more concerned about efficiency and avoiding manual data entry (calls & emails are tracked automatically), we built Close.io based on limitations we saw in Pipedrive and others: http://close.io/
We use this for new business.
I know loads of teams ( @vungle included) that have used Pipedrive to manage their fundraising process.
In my experience, the most painful part of keeping up with using a CRM is the data entry. Pipedrive's data entry is pretty well done and works great for SMBs + startups. The Pipeline view is intuitive as well for moving deals along the pipeline.