Where Video Creation Meets Collaboration

Pipecast Colab is a collaboration platform for Video Creators, Artists, Technicians and all other creative professionals working in the domain of video production.

In short Angelist/Linkedin for video creators.

Pipecast.in is a video streaming platform which curate high quality content and stream without any ads.

Thanks @asamarthya for hunting us down 😃. About the product It was a dream of 3 friends to create an eco system for video creators to provide them a platform to build quality video content. Pipecast started as a video streaming platform which only curate good quality content but then we thought that to build a quality video content one need a good team. Finding a good talent is very difficult and there was no platform for creative professionals to meet like minded people and achieve there dreams thats when Colab (colab.pipecast.in) born. Colab is our collaboration platform which helps video creators to find projects, team mates(Actors , Directors, techinicians, cameramen etc..) and sponsors and launch there videos successfully. Think of it as an exculsive Linkedin/Angelist for video creators. Hope you like it