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1 million eCommerce leads - recommended by algorithms


Find eCommerce and Retail Leads. Discover Insights about shipping, tech, SKUs and 40 other facets. Predict and Prioritize high quality leads using machine learning models.

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Founder, Spritle

We at Spritle software using PipeCandy for generating specific leads in ecommerce industry. We are one of early adapaters and lead quality is getting better everyday.


Tailored interface and loves the auto-learning backend engine


Keep up the accuracy

Thanks @Spritle!
Founder, Startup

As someone who has been in the B2B industry for 2 decades, I've personally seen how painful it is to generate meaningful leads. The most often heard complaint from sales is how poor the leads are. PipeCandy seems to attack this problem for specific industries. Its an approach I like because they're much more likely to make an impact with such a focus, rather than be everything to everybody.


Focused product. Looks easy to use & the value prop for the sales guy is fairly obvious!


For the industry domain they're working on & the filtering depth, I don't see many alternatives

Founder & CEO, OptaCredit

Domestic applicability needs to be introduced. Not sure if its planned so, but clearer leads domestically also helps. SImilarly for sectors would help.


Sleek Interface, Clear value prop for Sales teams, Clear identifiable leads. Inch-wise, Mile-deep, Auto learning - better lead-quality


Accuracy. Needs time to recalibrate and provide greater accuracy.