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Hey Product Hunters! Let me tell you a little bit about Pinwheel and why I decided to create it. Three years ago I moved to Los Angeles from a small town in SoCal. And while it was exciting and full of the potential of things to come, I found myself disconnected from my existing social graph and seeking to form new relationships. Out of this desire to form new connections, a clear and simple idea was born: to build an app that allows you to discover and connect with others nearby who are doing things that you want to be a part of. Pinwheel allows you to discover interesting people and places nearby. On Pinwheel, anyone can share a moment of their life. Moments can be in the form of a photo or short video. Each moment shared becomes a discovery trigger and a catalyst for conversation with people nearby. Be creative, share something funny, interesting or inspiring. “Connect” with people to get notified when they share something near you, or to have a private conversation. You can also participate in public conversations, seen by the entire community, through comments or express your feelings with a simple “like.” To be discovered by others, you just need to share a moment. The moment will be added to your story, which lasts for 24 hours. After 24 hours individual moments disappear from your public story.
@shapob this feels a lot like Snapchat (not in a bad way). Curious what use cases you've seen or imagine (since this just launched).
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan. We wanted the app to feel very familiar from the start and have a simple UX. The main objective of Pinwheel is to discover people and places nearby. There are always things going on around us that we don't know about and end up missing out on. Some of the use cases that we see are: sharing from events such as concerts, art galleries, restaurants, local shops, and food trucks. Some interesting moments I've seen were of street art I didn't know existed in my neighborhood and of a few new coffee spots :) Sharing sparks conversations around the moment and hopefully will lead to people visiting the new places they discover on the app and connecting with their local community.
@shapob Love the concept, and I think the problem is a real one. We should talk.