Makes home delivery secure, controllable and convenient

Mentioned this product in my CES recap -- totally the coolest way to get packages securely delivered to your home (if you have a garage). Cloud based combination of hardware and software back end. Just mail your tracking number to the site and the delivery person takes it from there. See http://blog.learningbyshipping.c... for report out.
@stevesi This is a great idea, and would particularly be of use to those professionals who (like my parents, for example) receive a lot of boxes with documents or work materials for work. As a lot of people are working from home now, this could eliminate the requirement of having documents (or other work materials) shipped to one's registered office only to have to go pick them up and bring them home. And that's only taking into account the professional applications. The one thing I would say is that I would like to have the email I receive on my phone contain the truck number and time of day of (anticipated) delivery. That way, if there is a problem, I know the information I would need to speak to the company and/or driver to resolve the issue.
So smart. Let's you retrofit what you already have. Does it tap into your existing garage-door opener?
@erickschonfeld yes. It just plugs into the three wires at your motor that connect to the wall switch you already have. Then their battery remote communicates with that via RF. You do put a small "base station" on your wired network (about the size of a tiny router).