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Un-Pink the web, protect yourself from Trademark Trolls 🤦

#2 Product of the DayDecember 02, 2019
Browse without fear of “trademark trolls!” This Chrome Extension ensures that wherever you browse, you’ll be pink-compliant by removing questionable shades from the web. 🧹
T-Mobile affiliated pages will work unaffected by this extension. 🤦 #FreeThePink
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Hey there Hunters! A few months ago I heard a pretty outrageous story at the company I work at (Lemonade!): Deutsche Telekom (aka, T-Mobile’s parent) was using bully tactics (read: lawyers from DT obtained a preliminary injunction) to remove the shade of pink we’ve used in our brand and product from day one (and all over our Instagram feed!) proclaiming their dominion over the color pink (they have a trademark on one shade they call magenta) extended to insurance. Sounds like something a Disney villain would do, so you can imagine how c-r-a-z-y it was to discover this is real life. Unbelievable. Turns out, they have a history of taking all kinds of companies (even a small Indiegogo startup!) to court- for years DT has tried to take a wide range of pinks away from businesses across multiple industries and countries. So, I decided to make sure the web stays T-Mobile/DT compliant and developed this handy Google Chrome extension so that you can protect yourself from what TechCrunch coined the “trademark trolls.” LMK what you think about the Deutsche Telekom Pink-Free Browser, and have fun surfing the colorful web without being bullied with legal action for using the color pink. In the meantime, help us #FreeThePink. ✌️ Itamar
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Can you please also make this extension remove any 'Deutsche' or 'Telekom' word appearance when they aren't combined? They probably own those single words as well.
@beerater Deutsche® Telekom™
Creative and well-executed! Congrats!
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The web is just a sad place now. 😭 #FreeThePink
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This is genius!
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