Adopt and share eco lifehacks 🌱

Pine enables you to adopt and share the best eco lifehacks ("ecohacks")—simple yet empowering habits that save time, money, and resources. Pine is currently available only for iPhone in the US. 2017 Product Hunt Global Hackathon participant.

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Neat idea, @tylr and @rueter. Why did you decide to build a mobile app for this? Seems like a website/blog could be more accessible (no app install) and benefits from potential SEO longer team.
@tylr @rrhoover thanks for your input! We decided to go mobile first because we want members to have an easy and seamless way to adopt and share lifehacks. Mobile provides all of the necessary components and features for this to be possible with just a few taps. The app also relies heavily on your current location, since different places face different environmental challenges. Pine empowers us to actually take action in a simple, user-friendly way. When we got started we knew our biggest challenge wasn't technology, it was user-friendly design (keep in mind, this was built in under a month for the Global Hackathon). Mobile seemed the best avenue to go down in order to start generating user content. Again, we don't know, because the app has only been live a few hours, but we're willing to find a solution. Down the road, once things come into focus, there is certainly opportunity for building for web.
Why is this only available in the US store? :-|
@josemarques just a matter of time before we roll out into other countries.