Licensed massage therapists at your door

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Just saw this was posted. I'm a co-founder of Pine and happy to answer any questions here.
I would love to hear thoughts on the site and product. It's an intro price of $59 for your first massage, which is a huge discount. We're also on Twitter @PineNow.
I was happy to see this show up around the same time I saw Soothe because Pine appears to be available in the Bay area.
@radiofreejohn thanks for posting this John! Are you doing a product in the massage space too? Edit: I see you work for HeapAnalytics! I love your product!
@alanhamlett Hey there, yep, no competition from me, glad you're enjoying Heap, I just sent you an email :)
wow, ANOTHER one? how many people are working on this idea!? others include: Unwind Me , Zeel, Urban Massage