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Thanks for the hunt Ben, Hello PH, I'm a co-founder at Pike. We built Pike because there are many times one wants to share an article but with comments living on certain portions of the article. Since there's no easy way of doing this at the moment, Pike was born as a simple Chrome extension that allows you to add those comments with opportunity to engage in discussions right in the article. Pike is good for: 1. When you want to quickly draw the attention of a friend to a specific portion of web content. 2. When you want to add private comments to different sections of an article before sharing the link. 3. When you want to have discussions around certain portions of an article right in the article. 4. When you want to bookmark a link but with personal notes on some portions of the contents of the link. We are very open for feedback so let us know what you think, what feedback you have or how we should go about getting users. Thanks Abdul
@poeticabdul i love it! it could be great using Pike inside Trello as a chat layer. So that my team could link/discuss anything inside Trello: Boards, Lists and cards. Unfortunately there is a conflict between Pike chrome extension and Trello... Please, fix it. Thanks
I love this idea, especially because I know people don't read the links I send them! The link bookmarking with personal notes is a really nice feature. Can people without Pike comment back in line? Do the notifications only work to google plus users or do they send an email as well? I watched the video but I need more disk space before I can install :)
@randibarry Nice that you love the idea. People without Pike cannot comment back but they do get a notification via email . For now, our signup is restricted to people with gmail. Will love it for you to try it at some point.
@poeticabdul Thank you! Got it installed now :) going to give it a whirl!
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