Pieter Levels

Founder of Nomad List

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Dan Gray
@dan_e_gray · Minimum Viable Person
In addition to building a number of very cool products and an incredible community of digital nomads, what I admire about Pieter is the inspiring 'no-bullshit' way he approaches his work. Rapidly prototyping ideas in a way that would make Eric Ries proud, focusing on a niche in which he holds domain expertise, and making best use of social media for feedback… See more
Tobias van Schneider
@vanschneider · Designers & Maker
I mean seriously, if not Pieter, who else?
@nicolasmlv · dev
This guy is a complete maker, he's a - Product Maker (Developer) - Business Maker ($$$) - Lifestyle Maker -> travelling around the world for years, he believes in this nomadic way of living, and he wants to share this "passion" to other people by making some products around it. I like this consistency and I think he makes very cool things. And he works a… See more
@tnsrig · UI/UX @travelplanet24 @airtickets_gr
@levelsio Dude you are nominated! Good luck!
Taylor Crane
@taykcrane · Senior Product Manager, Originate
Yep, voted. Big fan since 12 startups in 12 months, and helped inspire me to become a maker myself. Also that giraffe, come on!