A New Way to Dock a Boat

PierShare allows boaters to search for, discover, and secure great dock spaces in their local communities. We combine a fully-integrated, secure platform with easy-to-understand docking payment plans. We are creating a new and innovative way to dock a boat.
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Hi everyone, My name is Jonathan and I’m very excited to share PierShare with the ProductHunt community! I started PierShare after discovering that the demand for dock spaces is far outstripping the supply, and that marinas are overpriced and inflexible. In addition, the process of docking a boat can be complicated and time-intensive, since it can be difficult to ascertain whether a dock is truly available, or if the boat will fit in a particular spot. PierShare is a fully integrated and secure platform that allows boaters to discover unique, new places to dock their boats. We combine highly detailed dock listings with a user-friendly inquiry and verification system that allows boaters to become instantaneously connected to dock owners. We top all of this off by fully leveraging our automated payment technology to give boaters the opportunity, for the first time, to prorate dockage fees by the day for up to 30 days anytime during a rental. We believe we can revolutionize the process of docking a boat, and at the same time open up the world’s waterways in a manner that’s never been done before. We’d love to hear your thoughts and look forward to answering any questions you may have! Thanks for your support! -Jonathan Timianko
Huge support for our team at PremiumCaptains.com as we serve our boat owners by offering them the PierShare service. Thank you Jonathon for all your hard labors into building this online service - Mad respects :)
hey there, congrats on the launching, how well is bubble app supporting your business ? are you on a professional or production level tier ? cheers 👌