iMessage on Android

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Unfortunately.... I don't want to iMessage (/be friends with) people on Android. You made your bed, now sleep in it 😛
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@bentossell Oh now I get it :D
@bentossell That's okay, I could think of other cults I would rather message with. ;) lol
This is a crazy awesome implementation of iMessage on Android. While it does require a mac to act as the "server" - this is actually a plus. It means that Apple won't be able to shut the project down.
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@zolihonig I agree. I got a hackintosh, but not an iPhone, this would enable me to use iMessage on my Android :O which I felt like I was missing.
@ddulic92 Wow. This will perfectly work for you mate! I know you've been wanting this for awhile now. :)
This is incredible, i'm waiting for someone to implement a windows client since i'm required to use a Windows computer at work. Also, can this be done on a jailbroken iOS device? i'm sure many people have old iPhones lying around that can be used to relay the messages instead of having a mac running all day.
A great step in the right direction. For anyone who didn't notice or haven't visited the link yet, the developer is looking for additional programmers to help continue the project.
You made a great tool sir, congrats!