Share Pictures in Real Time with Family & Friends

Share pictures in real time with family & friends.
Open an album, share it with the people you want by email and start taking pictures.
The pictures will get organised in the album and will be shared in real time with the group members.
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5 Reviews5.0/5
Simply , makes my photos documentation simple!
I find this app to be extremely useful for photo sharing with my family and friends. I've tried other apps but ultimately this app gets people to actually view the shared photos with its push notifications.
@or_weinberger1 Thanks, we are here for any question.
This app help me to engaged with all of my clients, especially In this time of Covid 19 and social distancing. I don’t need to send all the time photos for all the group in WhatsApp. I just connect all of them to the right Album. Thanks Gal & Moti
@ziv_shechory Great, we are happy to hear it.
Very easy to use, my pictures are much more organized with it. Highly recommended!
A great app for organizing photos between groups of people quickly. Good luck Moti