The fastest and easiest way to create interactive images

#3 Product of the WeekOctober 05, 2017

Pictogon is the fastest and easiest way to create image maps. Making static images interactive can greatly improve the user experience of any website.

Create and publish your first interactive image in less than 5 minues, for free!

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Vagueness on account pricing/specs.


Works with SVG



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Thank you for your review! We're working on making the pricing more accessible.
Seems pretty cool, i'll probably use it ! You don't give much information about the pricing model though, is it a freemium tool ?
@gvndh Thanks mate! :) Yes, registered user can save and edit up to 3 images for free. Subscribing will grant you unlimited access, starting from $4 month. You can also earn additional free slots by referring others, one slot after each confirmed registration. Let me know if you have any further questions.
@gvndh @sekler I don't usually feel so comfortable with the pricing of a new tool. Well done!
@jaironpz We do have a friendly pricing! As others pointed out, our only mistake is that pricing details are hard to find. We will make it clear for everyone with a UI change soon. Thank you very much!
@gvndh @sekler I guess what confuses me is what "Starting at only $4/month" means. If it starts at $4, does it end higher or is it just $4 flat? 😅
@gvndh @sekler @janklimo $4 per month if paid annually ($48). $6 per month if not.
Wow! Great tool, we'll definitely use it :)
@orhanbayram Thank you very much! We're glad you like it. :)

I've been using ThingLink, Pictogon is easier to use and more reactive, but also less powerful (less customization options, can't preview, can't upload an image...).

Waiting for the Pictogon V2 :)


Simple and reactive


No upload feature

Impossible to preview the result :(

Thanks for your review! Preview feature is ready, it will be deployed soon. :) Image upload will also be available in the next version. Pictogon is different, the main advantage is the polygon support. We're trying to keep it as simple as possible to make sure anyone can use it, but new features are coming soon so stay tuned! :)
seems fun but the pop up window keeps twinkling
@jennifer_reid Thanks for the feedback! It must be a browser compatibility issue, we will make sure to find and fix it as soon as possible.
@jennifer_reid @sekler Same here on Chrome 59
@thook Thanks for the heads up. Everything works fine on our end, but we'll make sure to find the issue as soon as possible. If you can provide more details, just let me know. :)
@jennifer_reid @thook @kodedninja I've had this issue on multiple sites for a while now with Chrome. There must be some plugin or setting in Chrome doing that, since it's not happening to everyone. On those sites, I switch to Firefox or Edge and it works. If it's the same issue then it's not about this tool.
@irishpolyglot Thank you, much appreciated!