Turn Google Drive into collaboration tool for design teams

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Chris Guest
  • Chris Guest
    Chris GuestCMO & Head of Growth @ Topology

    Super fast and easy to install. Amazingly so in fact.

    Flexible and easy to edit tagging system.

    Amazing value for money


    Search function a little confusing perhaps

    Just installed by connecting to Google drive and it indexed thousands of high res files in seconds! Currently have an intern tagging photos - team super excited to use it when finished.

    Chris Guest has used this product for one day.
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Konstantin Shtondenko
Konstantin ShtondenkoMaker@come_rad · Product Vision Owner, EstOffice
Meow everybody! We believe that design collaboration still doesn't have "the killing product". There are three core things, I believe, we made right: 1) moved design revisions to the cloud (kills designer's habit to use awkward naming conventions like newdesign-1.22-draft.psd) 2) brought together asset management, version control and comments 3) built the whole solution on top of reliable and cheap Google Drive. I'm seeing people abandon idea of using Dropbox after they see what we can do with Google Drive. Have we fixed Google Drive for designers, how do you think? :)
Henrique Sá
Henrique SáHiring@henriquepss · Dev at
Great product-- really shows how much Drive has to improve on version control outside of the Docs suite. Apart from designer assets, documents and code, I'm sure there are lots of other file types going through constant collaborative changes, enough to demand this kind of control. Dropbox has the functionality, but really lacks a good user experience. I wonder if Google plans on tackling this.
Konstantin Shtondenko
Konstantin ShtondenkoMaker@come_rad · Product Vision Owner, EstOffice
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