An attractive mix of bookmarking and todo

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Piconka is a speech recognition add-on currently available in Chrome that lets you bookmark images, text selection, links and page fragments by voice commands. You navigate to any web page and say “Bookmark” or hover through an image and say “Remember” or “Cool” and these stuff will magically appear and get saved on your web browser.
Hmmm speech recognition is cool but how much utility does this use case sound?
@eriktorenberg I've sent a request out to the maker so that he can chime in. I'm not really big on speech recognition apps because I just really don't enjoy the experience of audio inputs. However, some people like them. Might be a case of a solution in search of a problem but still interesting.
@erictwillis Hi Eric, I'm the developer of this app. Thank you for featuring Piconka here. The speech recognition is just part of Piconka functionality. The tool was planned to be as much frictionless as it possible. So you can drag and drop things on a page or use speech recognition (which is disabled by default) to create bookmarks and web clips.
@slavasnezhkov Yes. I've noticed the other functionality as well. Nice job Slava.