Pico – Private Beta

Revenue tools for the modern publisher

Pico is an enterprise toolkit designed specifically for publishers seeking greater trust and revenue directly from their readers. It brings together IAM (identity access and management), CRM, and marketing automation features to help publishers run their business effortlessly, so they can spend more time creating great content.

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Hey, Product Hunt! Thanks @chudson for hunting Pico – we’re excited to share what we’ve been working on. Our team has spent the last year and a half deeply immersed in the news media and digital publishing world, trying to understand exactly which business models are going to work for publishers in the future – especially in light of the rapid decline of offline ad revenue and extraordinary consolidation of digital ad revenue into Facebook, Google, and now even Amazon. (Hint: we think the answer is more money directly from readers’ wallets.) Pico is the first step toward our vision of making the web fair to both consumers and content creators. We’re starting off with a focus on publisher tools, since it turns out a lot of the CRM and marketing automation offerings on the market today haven’t been designed with media in mind. Publishers just want a simple way to collect logins, build a relationship with readers (on-site and off-site), and ultimately convert them to customers. We’re currently in private beta, with a lot more features to come. If you’re interested in trying out Pico on your publication or marketing blog, you can join the waitlist at https://www.hellopico.io. Or if you know someone who might be interested, we’d be thrilled if you could pass it along. Let us know if you have any questions or thoughts. We’d love to hear them.
This is what the media needs. Part of the infrastructure to help them navigate the future successfully by building direct relationships with their audiences. Congrats Jason and Nick!
Awesome concept! Congrats guys.
I hope this gets traction. A demo would really help. Have shared this.
Congrats Nick and Jason! This is very much needed right now in the media industry. Can you speak about what inspired this idea in the first place?