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Ben Tossell
@bentossell · Community Lead, Product Hunt
Cool idea. Can I specify a number of people I trust to review things? So I want to try LaCroix but want to know what @rrhoover thinks of it first because I trust his taste. Any way for me to search around that? I like the idea of building trust with someone (digitally) around what opinions they have on things. How do you plan on growing? What's the success story you would like Picky to lead? @reblan351 @joshuahobson
Landon Hobson
@reblan351 · Founder, CEO of Picky™
@bentossell @rrhoover @joshuahobson Great questions! Yes, our search results do take in consideration who you follow on Picky. So, if you follow @rrhoover and you search for #LaCriox and he has reviewed it, then the search results will display his review first, then followed by the highest ranked review in descending order. How do we grow? First of all, consumers need to be aware of the massive fake text review problem in the review industry and how we are a well-thought out and incredibly fun solution to the problem. 77 percent of people read reviews before making a decision to purchase, but the internet is littered with 100s of millions of fake and unverifiable reviews. Our main growing force is our community so we have to leverage the incredible content they are creating and get our content to the business or product maker. We have already proven that businesses love our social 60-second verified reviews, so we have to embrace this and make it easy for them to share and distribute to their customer base. Since we are all about community, we will be at SXSW in March. We hope to get a great deal of exposure and grow as a result to that community as well. Our success story we want to lead is how two brothers, a business partner and one good idea can disrupt an entire industry. I want Picky to be looked at as a company that took the power from review companies, and finally shifted the power to where it belongs... a community of people.