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Landon Hobson
@reblan351 · Founder, CEO of Picky™
A big thank you to @webjoe for hunting us! We are so happy to launch Picky™ and share our vision with you. Picky is a free iOS app designed to stop the inconvenience of typing out time-consuming text reviews, which can often be fake or misleading. The Picky app allows people to record their opinion of a product or place for up to 60 seconds and share it with their followers. However, if there is no visual proof of the product or place in the review, it’s flagged for removal by our community. This allows Picky to not only be an informative, entertaining and a fun alternative to text reviews, but also a social platform of verified consumers and reviews. Our vision is to bring everyone a simple and quick way to leave a review while delivering the most trusted consumer information in a fun social environment. We look forward to your feedback and are happy to answer any questions you may have.