Hundreds of SaaS products, analyzed.


In pickSaaS.com, we have tested hundreds of different cloud tools.

We put some of the best and most popular of them in one place to help your business grow by finding and using the best SaaS software.

At pickSaaS, you can find or ask for recommendation about the best marketing, project management, CRM, live chat or many other types of software.

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27 Reviews4.4/5

very happy to have found this product1


Very easy to navigate and make decisions between products



Thanks John, always ready to help in discovering growth-driving apps 🚀

Hope to see more product in the future.


The perfect app to find the Saas you need !



Thanks Samy, really happy you like the product and looking forward to helping discover more apps to grow businesses 🚀

Seems great for a quick list of available products in a category and what the best use case is. Will be great if they add the major cons or limitations such as 'Wix does not support third-party widgets such as Drift'.


Awesome list view to compare products and see what they are best suited to do.


Doesn't show the cons. Like what a product is not good for or what are the major limitations.

Thank you Arpit for the feedback :) Looking forward to providing more insight into the products in the future, including their limitations.

This is an excellent comparison site for saas products.The pricing and features are clearly delivered in one screen. I will support this site for all saas entrepreneurs and saas marketers. As mentioned more categories can be added.Special discounts for pickSaas viewers can also be added.


A very user friendly website, allows you to pick the right product. I like the 15 min free consultation on product.


More categories can be added like knowledgebase tools which is very vital for all Saas products.

Thanks Pradeepa for the review:) Working on extending our database and you can also ask for any discount via chat, we're able to get a special pricing for numerous products.

Hope to see more apps in the future :)


Awesome layout, super easy to use with an insightful message on how to grow my business indeed! Great Product - Totally Recommend!



Thanks Marcin, happy to hear this and looking forward to featuring more and more apps to grow businesses :)

I like it, found it easy to find a few new tools i hadn't heard of yet. But I would not quite use it as my 'go to' directory just yet!


Quick and easy to research and compare


quite a few obvious names missing from the list i was looking at (sales and marketing)