Instagram raffles from comments on 1-click

Pickerist is a tool to easily select a random winner comment from any Instagram post.

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This is clever. We might want to try using this, @taylormajewski.
@taylormajewski @rrhoover :) Thank you! Would love to receive your feedback if you use it.
πŸ‘‹ Hi PH, This a mini web app solves the problem on making raffles on Instagram. πŸ€” Problem I have a small clothing brand and sometimes I make a simple raffle on Instagram. I guess everyone see those "leave a comment and tag 3 friends" to participate. It's a good way for small business to get exposure. I did one of those thinking that there will be dozens of simple app to pick a random comment from my Instagram post. But no, there weren't. All the solutions were complicated or too expensive. And I wanted to be mobile friendly so I can record my phone screen and then create an Instagram Story to show that the raffle was legit. πŸ›  Solution So, I made a little app that solves all those problems. Go to Pickerist and login with your Facebook account, select your Instagram page and choose which post you want to look for comments. You can do as many raffle as you want for free if you have less than 100 comments on your posts. Nothing fancy, just does it's purpose: select a random comment from your Instagram post. 🎁 Features - Free for 100 comments or less - Quick & Easy - Beautiful so you can screen recorder - Works on Mobile & Desktop I hope this little app helps one of you as it does for me. πŸ˜„ Let me know what do you think.
manage permission for my pages? absurdity.
@esat_dergi Hi Esat, Unfortunately the only way to get your Instagram Business ID from your page is with the 'manage_pages' permission. That's how the API Graph works, without that the app can't list your Instagram pages.