The ultimate PHP Snippet bot

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Hey Product Hunt! Just wanted to share a quick cool app I've been creating on my commute to and from work. It's a nifty little bot that helps generate php snippets for you. It's a quicker way to search the manual, and if it can't give you example code, it'll link you to where you can find more information. Please note it's still in beta. There are a lot of improvements to be made, so if you spot any bugs please shoot me a tweet! Thanks everyone, have a great day! (Don't count the days, make the days count).
@rhysbeingsocial Good product, but it would be awesome if it worked with other languages 😊.
@arthur_guiot It's defiantly in the book for future projects :) - Thanks!
@rhysbeingsocial It is hard to find the input field at the bottom at first glance.
@mightyalex thanks for your insight. Agreed, it is a little difficult. Will be fixed in next V. Cheers!
this is going to help so many people. will it simplify everything for you?
@itsmidnightyo Should do : ) - More features will be coming soon to make it even easier and straight forward.
@rhysbeingsocial this is so amazing! amazing work! will there be a page which lists every feature available?
@itsmidnightyo Theres a ton of updates coming. Some awesome stuff, for V2. Follow me on Twitter for more updates :)
This is cool 😎
I like the idea. Did you implement all PHP 7.x functions there? It's quite a lot of work. :)
@csaba_kissi Hey, it works with any function that's documented in the manual. More features will be added in though.