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Lior Frenkel@hamutsi · CEO at nuSchool
***UPDATE**** Our @ransegall just created a video where he shows the design process behind Photype. Spoiler - it was called Doogle at some point ;) Really interesting - especially if you're a product manager or a designer.
@bentossell @rrhoover (jump to 2:00 if you wanna see what's DOOGLE) *********** Hey PH, I’m Lior, the CEO of nuSchool, and we're thril…
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Ben Tossell@bentossell · Community Lead, Product Hunt
@hamutsi think it looks pretty cool! Helpful for social media managers for sure :) What do you plan to do to expand? What does success look like for your team with Photype?
Lior Frenkel@hamutsi · CEO at nuSchool
@bentossell fasho - it's not just for designers - anyone who deals with photos can enjoy this lil tool Success here means one thing: Retention. Will people use it again and again? We wanted to help them solve a problem. If it's not solved, it means the world doesn't need Photype :) As for expending - we'll add more resources, and there's a huge list of u… See more
Ezra Mosseri@ezmo22 · CEO @ Exceleratr | Consulting @ Moburst
@hamutsi @bentossell Great use case (for when the upload photo feature comes in): My mother. She runs a small business in the custom desert space and I'm sure would appreciate a tool like this for when she needs to post her work to different platforms or send via email. Looking forward to playing around with it and sharing it with @customberries!