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Lior Frenkel
Lior FrenkelMaker@hamutsi · CEO at nuSchool
***UPDATE**** Our @ransegall just created a video where he shows the design process behind Photype. Spoiler - it was called Doogle at some point ;) Really interesting - especially if you're a product manager or a designer.
@bentossell @rrhoover (jump to 2:00 if you wanna see what's DOOGLE) *********** Hey PH, I’m Lior, the CEO of nuSchool, and we're thrilled to officially launch Photype…next week! You caught us -- the truth is, we were planning to launch Photype next week. But hey - I guess it’s out there - so thanks for hunting us @bentossell :) Why Photype? Because we hate wasting time. You know what sucks? Spending an hour finding the perfect stock photo, the unicorn photo that looks authentic but no one else has ever used before, with this kid holding a smartphone that drops the most beautiful shadow on the fresh green grass... And then spending another hour on Photoshop/Indesign/[insert your design tool] to make it perfect for your website... And then seeing how it looks on mobile. Oops. It looks bad. And the only fix is to crop out either the boy’s head, or the smartphone, or the grass. And those hours are gone forever. Photype helps you avoid this. You can see all the photos, and all the dimensions, before you choose the (really) perfect image. Hope you enjoy it :) My cofounders and I are here to answer all your questions! Lior
Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell ·
@hamutsi think it looks pretty cool! Helpful for social media managers for sure :) What do you plan to do to expand? What does success look like for your team with Photype?
Lior Frenkel
Lior FrenkelMaker@hamutsi · CEO at nuSchool
@bentossell fasho - it's not just for designers - anyone who deals with photos can enjoy this lil tool Success here means one thing: Retention. Will people use it again and again? We wanted to help them solve a problem. If it's not solved, it means the world doesn't need Photype :) As for expending - we'll add more resources, and there's a huge list of upcoming features such as: - Upload your own image / from a url - Crop it in ANY resolution etc... But it's already valuable as it is (we're using it ourselves all the time) - so we'll take baby steps, and gather feedback from awesome product hunters :)
Ezra Mosseri
Ezra Mosseri@ezmo22 · CEO @ Exceleratr | Consulting @ Moburst
@hamutsi @bentossell Great use case (for when the upload photo feature comes in): My mother. She runs a small business in the custom desert space and I'm sure would appreciate a tool like this for when she needs to post her work to different platforms or send via email. Looking forward to playing around with it and sharing it with @customberries!
boaz saragossi
boaz saragossi@boazsaragossi · Designer, Coder, Game developer and more
Great idea and execution! For future versions it would be nice to see the width x height numbers on the crop and to be able to set them. Play more with the text properties and location. and of course to be able to save the cropped version. Looks like it could become a great prototyping tool!
Delphine Bloch
Delphine Bloch@delphiine · Sales Manager
@boazsaragossi +1 great tool! I just wish I could see the exact size on the crop as well :) I love that I can find pictures from my favourite free stock pictures site: Unsplash!
Lior Frenkel
Lior FrenkelMaker@hamutsi · CEO at nuSchool
@boazsaragossi that's a great idea (that we hear for the third time now - which means it's true!) :)
Ran Segall
Ran SegallMaker@ransegall · nuSchool Co-Founder, Designer
@boazsaragossi Thanks for the ideas Boaz :) We want to make this tool even more contextual - for example showing you the image in the device or media you are designing for.
Scott Wyden Kivowitz
Scott Wyden Kivowitz@scottwyden · Photographer / Marketing @ Imagely
Reminds me of Buffer's Pablo.
Bjoern Koblow
Bjoern Koblow@boerge30 · #42 #tasskaff #prooost #berlin #
@scottwyden ... without uploading and editing my own photos ;)
Walter Reid
Walter Reid@walterareid · Product
@scottwyden Would love to understand the differentiation as well. Seems like Pablo 2.0 can do the same things and offers uploads w/ browser extension.
Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell ·
This is a pretty nifty little tool :)
Roy Povarchik
Roy Povarchik@roypovar · Founder at Roy Povarchik
Love this tool. We have a designer that does the posts for social media and featured images for our blog posts but it's not his main job and it's mainly a distraction for him. This can really be useful for our content writers to create their own images for the blog and social updates.
Lior Frenkel
Lior FrenkelMaker@hamutsi · CEO at nuSchool
Thanks @roypovar :)