PhotoScan by Google

Photos from the past, meet scanner from the future

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Love it used it for all my moms old pics


Awesome fast


sometimes alignment of dots takes a while

Fable mobile app

I love to share my old photos and PhotoScan is great tool to help to do so


easy to use, excellent idea


sometimes hard to follow the circles, hmm

Content Marketing Manager, Vivint

PhotoScan is a phenomenal app for quickly converting printed images into digital images. Forget your scanner. This app is faster and easier to use. Simply hold your phone above a photo and scan at a handful of points and your photo is digitized and uploaded to your Google Photos account. One of the best uses for this app is family history. You can quickly archive all your family history photos from a photo book without lots of extra touching of old or delicate photos.


Quick, high-quality scans. Easy to make fine-tune adjustments. Saves to Google Photos.


It can sometimes be difficult to align photos just right to be captured.

Project manager

The app reminded me of the old photo archive I stored over two decades. The scan quality is great.

It's wearisome to scan over 1k photos. I guess most of the app users ditch it after the firs hundred of scans.


Photo quality is great


Have to move the cam to scan properly

Co-Founder PIXEO Inc.

Love the app, a lot of the limitations are a bit too much to overcome, but as a basic high res scanning tool it is brilliant and very easy to use.


Amazingly simple to use


The phone is often difficult to use when attempting to avoid reflections in glossy images or images in a frame.

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Love this tool! Because of Covid we had to celebrate my grandma's birthday virtually this past year, and with PhotoScan we were able to easily scan some old photos and create a slideshow to share during the Zoom party.
Professional Photographer
Well, it looks like good niche product. Good luck with it, guys!
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