An online, free, photoshop alternative that anyone can use.

Photopea, is an amazing, online image editor, whether you need to design a simple graphic or perform basic retouches to a picture, to advanced filters and scripting programming, Photopea has got you covered.
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Yaseer SheriffCo-founder / CEO of
This product is amazing. Even moreso when you consider it's a solo developer who put in 5 hours a day for 3.5 years without making money. Now thankfully he does! Check out the reddit:
Yaco LioiDesigner from Argentina
@yaseer_sheriff OMG. This guy is a god.
Imran KhanSoftware Developer
@yaseer_sheriff Perseverance pays off
Just a hunter.
This were exactly my keywords when I was searching online: "Photoshop Online Version" - and viola! there it was, Photopea, and amazing online editor which virtually has all of the same functionalities of Photoshop, and it's hosted online! no need to download bulky software, or go through the struggle of installing new software on your PC, that takes a lot of space, did I also mention it's FREE!? Photopea, gives you the power of doing lots of things, initially you can choose your design resolutions based on presets that you can use, it ranges from Web, to Social Media and Desktop Resolutions, already made for you. Next... I think it's the best part... The biggest resource pool of fonts that you will ever find! Finally, you don't need to be shy with the amazing range of different fonts that you can use in your project. Third, Photopea enables you to play with the editor via an API! Load images - ✔ Load text - ✔ use Editor options like Translate and such - ✔ And a wide range of other things you can do with it! If I were to enumerate all the good things, about Photopea, I wouldn't finish, but I will finish saying, Photopea is the father of all online image editors!
@a_jo This a bomb..story is steller
Justin Ahn✌️ Crypto perks for remote work
I work primarily on ChromeOS these days (currently on Pixelbook, was on Chrome Book) so I inevitably had to toggle with other devices that have PS installed (sorry, not doing Adobe's SaaS deal) in order to do any significant image editing. Sure, web apps like Canva are great; but they're pretty lightweight and are mainly for making quick social media posts IMO. Being introduced to Photopea has probably been the most productive event so far in 2020 for me. Everything I did on PS, I can do on Photopea. I can even make GIFs. Can't speak highly enough of this tool and am happy to see someone hunted it! FYI: I'm not a graphic designer so my image editor needs are not so intense. However, as most people working on a startup can attest, you'll probably have to dip your toes in the design waters at some point. And I haven't yet seen a meaningful web-based alternative to PS other than Photopea.
Noah Finerjavascript g
I’ve been a massive fan of Photopea since I found it two or three years ago and I’m glad to see all this hard work blasting off at ProductHunt. I’ve always been amazed that Photoshop could be basically remade from scratch in a web browser and somehow run faster and more efficiently. I help with a student org where many people who want to learn graphic design simply cannot afford Photoshop. All of them have been able to use Photopea and have zero trouble working with psds. I cannot wait to see whatever else happens to Photopea!!
Ben Church
Build Great Products for Great companies
An API out of the gate. I'm already excited. As a developer with some minor design chops I would love to finally hang up GIMP!
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