Photo Panda

Sort through the good and bad photos in your camera roll

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The team has been in the photo space for some time having successfully completed two accelerator programs. The lastest cool app that they've launched helps you declutter your camera roll with ease.
@daeboganmusic Thanks again for submitting this hunt to PH. We noticed that about 10 to 20% of our users were impacted by a problem, where the app was crashing at launch or hanging during processing. This was obviously a big deal, but I am happy to say that as of earlier this month, we have fixed it with version 1.2 (live in app store). So, please update and enjoy removing unwanted photos, absolutely free. Holidays indeed can be taxing time of our camera rolls! :)
Great idea! I tested it now, ​and the review results are pretty accurate. Few remarks - selecting circles are too small, maybe after you select one, selecting others will be with a simple tap. On duplicates, doe's it also choose photos from iCloud?
@yuvalhaimovits Thanks Yuval! Glad to see you like the results and thanks for the tip on predicting user intent - duly noted. The app tackles iCloud, photo stream in addition to camera roll.
Hi Folks, my name is Manoj and I'm the founder of PhotoPanda. I started building the app after my son "Jai" was born earlier this year and I noticed myself taking a lot of photos of him, which started filling up my iPhone quickly. As I'll run out of space, I'd engage in manually finding photos I could remove. Turns out, most of the time they were either similar looking (trying to get the best shot), blurry or didn't have proper lighting. Realizing others might have the same issue spending significant time regularly to keep their camera rolls in check, I got together with a friend to start building the app and in a few months, we got to the current version. PhotoPanda finds unwanted photos on your iPhone, reduces clutter and reclaims space. Next, we are planning on adding more categories for bucketing photos that you may want to see in one place; so I'd love to hear your thoughts and any other feedback. Thanks for the support. It's good to be here!!
@manojkhani hi Manoj! I'm excited to try this app -- I've used Cleen and found it good but still a little too tedious and feature-free, so maybe this will be a step up. But unfortunately I think I found a bug! After the setup process the app seems to freeze on the home screen at "reviewing photos 0%" - the number doesn't move and the settings button doesn't work, even if I force quit and restart the app. I'm on iOS 8.3, iPhone 5s. Let me know if I can help with any more info!
@benburns @manojkhani Thanks for finding the glitch, we have made a fix along with some other improvements and the update v1.2 is now live on the store. Please check it out and enjoy de-cluttering your phone! :)
@manojkhani Thanks Manoj! It still sits at 0% for a minute before it gets started so at first I thought it wasn't fixed, but now it has zipped through my 8,000 photos. Good work!
Great idea. This is a winner if it allows me to make a mistake and correct it before it's gone for good!
@jkhallatl It does let you make a mistake, not once but twice (in the swipe mode) and still let you correct, if you change your mind. Photos marked for deletion in swipe mode require a confirmation at the end and all deleted photos can still be recovered from the Recently Deleted Folder in iOS for upto 30 days