Compose the models, objects, and backgrounds in one realistic photo. Export to a layered and masked PSD for final retouch.

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Hey, creators. Need photo content? I know how hard it is to find an image for your specific purpose. Stock photos look too generic, and a photo shoot is an even bigger pain in the ass. Casting, location scouting, retouching, etc. Oh and repeat this every time you want to change something. I thought, why not to mix the models, objects, and backgrounds into a single picture. Capturing 1k models, 1k objects, and 1k backgrounds will give us 1b combinations (instead of 4m for Shutterstock). So, we started our own studio. Last summer, I learned studio photography; we hired a crew of 10 people, from MUA to 3D, and started working. We published our experiments in this Moose Photos category Still, our photos were pre-fabricated. They felt generic; they didn’t tell your specific story. Sure, you can download the images, remove backgrounds with something like Remask (dirty AI tools are not precise enough), and compose them in Photoshop, but it’s painfully slow. Even our photoshop pros failed to produce more than 15 pictures a week. So, we masked the images and built a web tool for making composing quick. We call it Photo Creator (in contrast to a photo editor). Customizing the images is super easy. Combine models into teams or couples, change emotions, and of course–add cats. Remember that “now kiss” guy? That could be you. Play with it, it’s fun. Make 10 images in 10 minutes, from office portraits to some absurd scenes with flying cats and sugar rush kids. Post your pictures here. We’ll give 3 paid Icons8 accounts for the images that are either 1) fun, 2) beautiful or 3) realistic. These accounts give you export to PSD (best feature, according to @tylerlastovich ) and all our icons, photos, and music.
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@visualpharm Really fun. And PSD generation option is unique!
Will post your best works here: Direct link to edit:
Your guys creation:

I've been using Moose photos for almost a year and that's a cool source of photo content, especially diverse shots of beautiful people. Now, ability to compose them by myself makes it top!


I can create funny photos for blog articles and social media even without being a professional designer. For free!


haven't found yet

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Many many thanks!

Icons8 team did a great job and released solid product for those who are in need of photos from time to time. 💪🏻😍


Very simple & intuitive UI Creating graphics for social media is now easier than ever


I did not find any

@govorukhin Thanks for the kind words, mate! 🙌
great tool for someone like me, who has 0 skills at Photoshop !
Cool idea, so simple to use. @visualpharm Each week you launch something useful ))
@hannahzenkova oh my, appreciated. Thanks for taking time to comment, now and in the past.