Photo Creator 2.0

AI-based photo creator with face swap and background removal

#3 Product of the DayJune 20, 2019
Create diverse photos with thousands of masked models, AI-powered face swap, and background removal. For free.
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Here’s the deal: stock photos limit diversity. - Remember “Oh salad, you are so funny” meme? - Remember all that douchebag business people? - Why do the obese loose weight non-stop? - Why do all families hug each other like there’s no tomorrow? - Why do freelancers work at the beach? - Why do transgenders not have a life but fighting for their rights? We’ve built a free magic tool for creating photos. How? - It has thousands of masked models, objects, and 3D-rendered backgrounds. We actually shoot them, from castings and makeup to removing the price tags in Photoshop. - AI-powered face swap. Switch faces, make models smile, or look other way. - AI-powered background removal. Before, we masked 10 photos a day. Now, we process 250 photos an hour. Try it and share your creations in the comments. Let’s party: fun, prizes, free coke! I didn't dare to use face swapping due to possible PETA repercussions. But I probably will, it's too painful not to.
@visualpharm Amazing tool! Just a quick question: is this the same team as behind the Icon8 filters on telegram? The team seems different yet the name and the field(image manipulations) are the same. @cynepkot @anatoly_marin
@cynepkot @anatoly_marin @john_vonroth Icons8 and Icon8 have no relation. I wonder why they chose this name, but ok 🤝 Thanks for the "amazing tool" 🖤
@visualpharm Oh, that's a great idea and a great product! Congrats!

These guys amaze me every time with the high quality and value the create with their projects.


The amount of detail and manual work put into that project is just WOOOOW. You guys are awesome, keep up the good work!



Thank you for the kind words. We'll do our best 💪
Great job my friend. I can totally see how this grows out of proportion :) In a good way. Keep up.
@stas_kulesh thanks mate! I'm touched 😌
@stas_kulesh btw, everybody: if you ever thougth about giving more feedback to your fellow team members - check Karma bot. I'm hairline close to using it.
Yes! This is what you need, thanks :)
Cool! Now instead of lousy photoshopped memes I can make a joke look pretty