Phone Expander

Mac app that frees up storage on your iOS devices

#2 Product of the DayFebruary 03, 2015
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It's pretty absurd that Apple doesn't easily make this functionality available themselves
@basche42 I blame more the developers for not taking care of the cache they create (Im looking at Twitter and Instagram)
@raulriera Very fair. Tango and Viber - which I had used once or twice - took up around 275mb each somehow
Hey Folks, I'm one of the people behind PhoneExpander and it's published through my company, Nice Mohawk. Feel free to ask questions here or via the website, I'll try to keep an eye out for anything on here.
@blach not working for me. does not detect anything
@ourielohayon What OS are you running on Mac / device? Also, make sure you've tapped "Trust" when queried on the device.
@blach Just freed up 7gb. Thanks dude!
@blach it worked after i launched the app a second time
@blach I used the beta version of this software back in 2015! Great to see ya'll being mentioned on Product Hunt... I wrote a quick post on LinkedIn back in the day - kudos!
This is still in beta but I really, really like it!
Hey there! I'm one of the creators of PhoneExpander and would love to answer any questions you may have about the product. Some people have asked why this is a Mac App rather than an iPhone App: We wanted to create a tool to help out the people we saw running into space issues on their phones. Because of how deep PhoneExpander goes into the phone, it's a product that can't run on an iPhone itself — that would be a little like giving yourself a haircut. In this case, your Mac is the barber giving your phone a haircut. So rather than being an iPhone app, it's a Mac app which we'll be publishing old school, just download the app from the web. You can check out our iPhone apps at, PhoneExpander is a collaboration with our longtime friend Ben Lachman of who's been in the Mac  and iOS app business for years.
The app of my dreams <3 I was just talking about my lack of space in the comments on the PH post about Tailor... #winning