Phone Clean 4

Automated, daily storage cleanup for your iPhone

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This app covers 33 types of junks on iPhone. Just minutes of running PhoneClean4 can free up gigabytes of valuable space for iPhone 16G users The Silent Clean feature makes a hands-free cleanup – no need to connect USB cable or launch PhoneClean, not even one click.
@judy_luo86 hey! How is this different to others in the space like IceCream and Room for More?? Does a product like this have space to grow on a large scale?
@bentossell I believe this is more like deleting caches / temporary files rather than uploading photos to the 'cloud' and deleting it on the device :) (Note that these apps only offer 'high quality' photo backup instead of full resolution so make sure you also do a iTunes / iPhoto backup before removing)
@jimbb @bentossell Room for More does offer full resolution backup. It preserves the original unchanged, no re-compressing or down-sampling.
@bentossell I believe the main difference between this and apps like Room for More is that this is a Mac app, not an iOS app. This allows it to access more things on the phone, but it requires the user to have a Mac and be willing to connect their iPhone to it.
@bentossell Hey Ben, Thanks for your comment! Unlike IceCream and Room for More, PhoneClean4 is a desktop software available for both Windows and Mac users. It is designed to clean the junks generated by your iPhone / iPad / iPod touch you don’t need over time, like temp files, photo caches, crash logs, Safari cookies, etc. If you have any other question, please feel free to get back to me. Thank you! :)
@jimbb Hey Jimmy, Thanks for your kind answer! Yes, you are right! PhoneClean is more like deleting caches / temporary files rather than uploading files to "cloud". Apart from that, PhoneClean also offers some tools, such as Contact Clean (merge duplicated contacts), Notes Clean, etc. Cheers! :)
So how did you overcome the limitations imposed since iOS 8.3, where you can no longer access other apps' cache to clean them?
@arturogoga Hey Arturo, Thanks for your feedbacks! We admitted that we still have no luck to solve the iOS 8.3 app cleaning problem, but we insist to present the new PhoneClean 4, which is teeming up with all our sweats & efforts in the past two years. In this new version, we just want to give more free space on your iPhone, iPad via some new approaches, like photo cache cleaning, in-depth message clean, invalid data clean, notes clean, etc. Besides, the newly introduced Silent Clean will must surprise you. As the ONLY iOS Cleaner software which still trying to solve iPhone storage limit problem so far, we’ll keep updating our PhoneClean through finding more effective solutions, no matter how much time and resource it may take. Thanks for your precious time! :)
Hey all Product Hunt lovers, hope I’m not late to be here. This is Judy from iMobie, the developer of PhoneClean4 and the previously featured products MacClean and AnyTrans. Firstly, on behalf of iMobie team, I would like to thank @erictwillis and @producthunt team for hunting us! We’re so appreciative to have a chance to tell you a little more about our PhoneClean 4. For any questions about this product, I’ll be so happy to answer here, and your feedbacks will make us better. PhoneClean1 has been developed since 2012, and we feel pretty happy it can solve many iOS users‘ problems. Since iOS 8.3, all 3rd-party tools have been blocked from accessing Apps, which makes our customers cannot clean App caches. However, in order to help more users on device cleaning, we never give up to find a solution, which urges us to release PhoneClean 4 – a whole new interface with innovative features. To reward the continuous support from all users, we promise the basic cleaning functions are totally FREE now and forever. No matter how bad situation we’ll meet, we’ll insist on upgrade our PhoneClean product, including the FREE feature. PhoneClean 4 is designed to make cleaning smarter by introducing the first-in-industry Silent Clean feature. It bringing you the hands-free cleaning - wirelessly steam the junks and automatically make a cleaning without launching, not even plugging a USB cable. You just enjoy your coffee and your iPhone will get itself cleaned for all safe-to-remove junks. Another BIG update is the Safe Deletion feature - based on our users’ feedbacks, which give users an in-depth privacy protection, because sliding to delete data on iPhone will actually leave a trace behind. PhoneClean 4 did this job, and it will make the data completely and permanently unrecoverable. We will continue collecting feedbacks from our users, and we’ll try our best to add more practical features with simple operations. It’s YOU who give us courage to keep on improving its performance, and we'll cover more types of junks ( right now only 33 types) on iPhone / iPad / iPod touch. Hope our PhoneClean will be a good companion to elevate your iPhone iPad experience. Thanks for all your precious time to read this, and we’d love to hear from your feedbacks!