Phone Call Translator

Translates your voice calls into 29 languages in real-time

#1 Product of the WeekFebruary 11, 2020
> You can call both mobile phones and landlines.
> You can call to all countries all over the world.
> Translation is carried out in 30 popular languages.
> A lot cheaper than roaming calls.
> No need to install the app for a people you are calling!
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Hey Product Hunt, Lingvanex team is here! We are happy to represent you the Phone Call Translator - a real-time voice translator, which was created to help in solving questions in travel situations and urgent business problems with foreigners or help in communicating with friends abroad. You can speak your native language when you call through the app. Your partner and you will hear the translation of both callers during the call, the original speech and translation will also be duplicated on the phone screen. **** BENEFITS **** - You can call worldwide in 30 popular languages and make calls to all devices (even landlines) - Details of the conversation are available only to you. We do not store conversation data - Much cheaper than roaming calls. A call costs from $0.18 USD per minute. We use VoIP - The whole dialogue is broadcast on the screen with text for better control **** HOW TO USE **** 1. Install this application on your iOS or Android device 2. Register and create application account 3. Select your language 4. Select the language of the person to whom you are calling 5. Enter the phone number with the country code 6. Make a call 7. Speak in turn as if on a walkie-talkie **** TEST OUR PRODUCT **** Log in the application account by this credential: Login: Password: lingvanex NO ONE TO CALL? Call to us and share your good wishes. Phone: +375291254413 or +917384386728 (Please select a call translation into Russian) **** PRIVACY PROTECT **** Details of the conversation are available only for you. We do not store conversation data. Anyway, hope you like it and let us know if you have any ideas or suggestions, please send email to or write comments below, our team will try to answer all your questions.
@lingvanex @siarhei_nekhaichyk This would have been helpful when I used to do sales call to Brazil in my first job. How do you avoid delays with the real time translation?
@abadesi The delay is needed so that the neural network is not confused from which language to which it currently needs to be translated. Try it, it is almost imperceptible and allows you to think about what you say next.
@kunal_kaushal1 Thanks for the recommendation.
@kunal_kaushal1 Thanks man. Will give it a try today. I think it could help in solving the purpose for us
cool&useful idea, thanks
Whoa, that’s cool idea. And by the way, you got a pretty clean and tidy UI🧑‍🎨
@tomash1996 Thank you Tomash, we have great designers who can create the magic
Very nice I wish you good luck