Phoenix Startup UI Kit (v2)

Advanced UI Kit to kickstart amazing web-sites

Phoenix Startup UI Kit is a versatile tool to kickstart a landing page. It cointans 110 premade HTML5 cards coming with Sketch and PSD resources. With Phoenix Startup UI Kit it's really easy and joyful to create landing pages.

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Hi everyone, I'm Dima Blover, one of the creators of Phoenix Startup. With our product you can create stunning web projects to impress your audience ⚑️ The tool is terrifically easy to use by both designers and developers. Phoenix Startup contains lots of neatly crafted HTML5/CSS3/JS cards coming with PSD and Sketch versions. Moreover, you will get an advanced Sass/Jade/Gulp pack for Pro users who love well flexible and scalable code. It's the innovative tool which every agency and freelancer needs! πŸ’Ž Some of the coolest updates: - New category: Contacts + Google Maps - Mailchimp integration - Lightboxes added - Sketch version - Live preview added - UI animations reworked As always, ProductHunters are given special discount coupons πŸ’ƒ: LOVEPH20 - 20% off (∞/∞ left) LOVEPH50 - 50% off (?/50 left) LOVEPH70 - 70% off (?/20 left) Learn more or see it all live
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Perfect UI kit for building out landing pages, thanks for a PH discount <3
Hey @arturkiulian! Thanks for your enravishing message 😌
Hey Phoenix Startup team! Really nice design. I will share the link with our CMO.
@antonskyba Thanks for your kind words. Have fun!
awesome stuff guys! :)
Hey @captnphilip! Glad to hear UI Market and Apple have similar design vision πŸ˜‰
that's some useful pack for me as a marketer too!
@paul_shuteyev Thanks man! I'm sure it will be useful for youπŸ‘