Visually integrate Voice and SMS into your apps in minutes.

PHLO is for developers who are looking at rapidly deploying communication capabilities (Voice calls, SMS and more) into their application. PHLO eliminates the need to refer to documentation back & forth, drastically reduces lines of code & integration steps so that you can build even complex use-cases rapidly, and ship faster.

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Hey folks, Vyas from the product team at Plivo here. We’re are so excited to launch Plivo PHLO today. We have created PHLO for developers who are looking at rapidly integrating voice calls, SMS and more into their applications for better customer engagement. Here’s a quick summary of how PHLO will help you: Read Less PHLO eliminates the need to refer documentation back and forth to build apps. Building with PHLO is visual & intuitive. Code Less PHLO drastically reduces lines of code through pre-packaged templates and pre-built components. Adding new functionalities, or making changes in business logic is as easy as drag & drop. Ship More From simple use cases like Order Notifications and Chat Bots to a fully- featured Call Center - If you can think of a scenario, you can build it with PHLO. It also eliminates a number of integration steps, so that you can ship more capabilities, faster. Check out the sample use cases to see how easy it is to build with PHLO. We'll be showcasing how to create & deploy communication use cases in minutes with PHLO on 21st August. See your there and till then Happy building! 🙌
@themadhatter Looks neat Narayan! How does it compare with the existing solutions out there? and does it make easier for non-tech makers to build voice apps?
@jitsalunke Thanks Jit! With PHLO we are taking a very different approach. Firstly, unlike other visual application builders out there that only automate simple workflows for a limited set of use cases, PHLO introduces 100% functional parity with our API & XML set. As a result - from simple ones like Order Notifications to a fully- featured Call Center - If you can think of a use-case, you can build it with PHLO Also, we are also making it FREE to build using PHLO. This is not just a commercial decision. This is our stake in the ground — as we truly believe this is how the communication capabilities of the future will be built. We never charged for our APIs, and we are not going to charge for PHLO. This will reduce the total ownership cost and make it easy for them to ship more. Finally, you don't need to be a dev to build with PHLO as it's totally drag & drop based. People from any function, be it marketing, product management, sales, support, operations could use it. This makes collaboration much easier.
@themadhatter Hey, PHLO looks great, well done! On the 21st, how will you be releasing the use cases? youtube, email? Can I suggest a use case? We are using Aircall - we have a freecall number, customers call in and everyones android/iphone app rings, first to answer gets the call. Problem is, when we call out, because its a 1800 freecall number, the customers sees "private number" is calling them. Perhaps we need multiple "normal" numbers and route from the 1800 free call number. Pretty much we want a way off Aircall anyway, its just too expensive. We will probably end up developing our own solution using Plivo API. Can you let me know how PHLO could help in this scenario? Thanks
@smackonthebum Thanks Alex ! We have planned a live webinar on 21st which would focus around building interesting apps. Some use cases are published on the website and many many more to follow. You would be delighted to know that your use case can be built over PHLO within minutes. In fact we have a pre-built template which could help you get started with your exact use case without a single line of code. You could also get in touch with my colleague "" for help.
Another awesome product enabling low-cost development! Can't wait to use it, especially in conjunction with other apps to create beautiful automated workflows!
@irhymeth Thanks Arpit! Glad you liked the product. We are really looking forward to reach more developers and magnify the impact with powerful integrations. The PHLO ecosystem has just started.
Amazing feature!! Just signed up.. hoping to get something good going down the line.
@akshaytechie Great, I am sure you would love the product as much as we loved building it. Happy PHLOing !!
Wow, loved the landing page, this is gonna save a lot of Dev time.. way to go guys😊
@likith_viswanath Thanks Likith, the landing page captures the essence of the product. Glad you liked it. Start building with PHLO and experience much more.
Looks promising. Waiting for further updates. :-)
@surya_pratap_desai I am with you. There is a lot more in the store in near future.