Open-source Slack bot to combat ICO phishing attempts 🐟

A Slack bot that monitors and automatically removes messages that match a set of given regex patterns (Ethereum addresses and links by default, but you can extend this easily yourself). Set this up in your cryptocurrency or ICO Slack instance to automatically moderate potential phishing or scamming attempts.

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Something like this is much needed and overdue.Can't wait to play around with this and see where it develops πŸ™Œ
Thanks for hunting Derek!! I created phishbert after seeing far too many people falling for phishing scams in the Slack channels crypto ICOs have set up. The bot scans for ETH addresses and URLs in real-time and deletes any potential phishing attacks + warns the user to stop posting that type of message. Hoping to expand the bot to add further protections... hundreds of thousands of dollars have been stolen through Slack phishing so I hope to help reduce it happening 😊
@ummjackson are you integrating the Ethereum scam DB?
@ummjackson This is incredible. Well done! πŸ™Œ
This is so important. I hope all crypto Slack channels take advantage of it.
Upvoted ;-) This adds some serious value to the Crypto Community - We tried to do the same by spending 700+ hours to review 400+ coins on: Crypto Market Analysis, Predictions & Investment stats. Curious to get your feedback: