Keep an eye on your (Upcoming) Product's subscribers/votes 📈

Phey helps you to keep an eye on the number of votes or subscribers on your Product Hunt post or upcoming page. Just go to your product's page and in URL replace with, that's it! Now bookmark/pin so you can always check how you're doing. 😊 🚀


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Love it when people in the community build off of Product Hunt itself. For additional context, last week we launched Ship, a toolkit to help makers build awesome products. With it you can create an Upcoming Landing Page (like this one) to promote your upcoming product launch and collect emails. Benjamin's project reports the current subscriber count (like this). 👏🏼
@rrhoover Thanks for the kind words, Ryan!

It's beautifully minimal and clean and works as advertised.

Great job @benjam1n 🙌


Does it's job.


Could have like a leaderboard or something.

@amrith Regarding leaderboard, gimme 10 minutes!

I like the idea. I think some sort of push notification element would improve the product greatly though. Like send to slack or a browser notification.


Great simple way to track how well your lead generation is coming along


Auto-refresh & browser push notifications would be awesome!

@jasonadriaan Thanks, Jason! I just deployed a new version with 30s data refresh. Push notifications are also coming soon - waiting for PH team to fix web hooks! :)
@m1guelpf Sorry having some server troubles, fixiiiiing!