An open source mobile web app for Product Hunt

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Awesome work! We are currently starting to send out first access to the PH API - ping me please at - would love to see what other ideas you can come with :)
@bram_gg please send again - can't find it
Hello Hunters, I was inspired to make this by, my favorite mobile Hacker News app. Hacker News is similar to Product Hunt in many ways, most positive. One negative aspect they both share however is the lack of mobile UI optimization. I understand an official Product Hunt iOS app is coming out, but as an Android user and believer in having multiple options I decided to go ahead with this project anyway. Let me know if you have any questions or comments and I'd be happy to answer them! Edit: And don't forget to view on your mobile device!!
This is great .. I'm psyched about the PH iOS app but think it's silly that the web app isn't currently better. Been bugging @rrhoover about this for a while :)
@mulligan haha, sorry, Brenden. We're working on a slight redesign that will include an improved mobile web experience. Looking forward to getting your feedback on the iOS app though. SOON.
@rrhoover Please don't make it too good, for Ph's sake! ;)
sweet... does this utilize the official API? Seems to be using a scraper. PH is in the process of launching an official iPhone app btw.. but opensourcing it sounds like a good idea for Android users
That's right, @acondurache! @andreasklinger and team are wrapping up the Product Hunt API now. If you haven't already, signup for early access here. We also have an iOS app coming out soon (I was wearing my QA hat with an early build yesterday). I'm so excited to share. @davidmckinney's done a kickass job.
@acondurache You're correct that it uses a scraper, a very bad one too. I'm an Android user myself so I'll have plenty of incentive to continue developing Ph even after the official iOS app is released!
@rrhoover that link goes to a 404... would really love early access, think I signed up already though about a week ago
@rrhoover Ryan! I would love to test the PH iOS app if you need any.
@acondurache sorry about that. The link is fixed now. We'll reach out soon! It's almost ready. @emieljanson you bet! It has some bugs right now but we're hoping to get some beta feedback within the week.