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#1 Product of the DayAugust 15, 2017

PHBench is using machine emotional intelligence to measure products reception at ProductHunt. A bunch of strongly worded comments can bring a mammoth product down.

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At first, I had an issue with Product Hunt hype. I come here to find the best product for my needs. Tons of products get a really good reception at the start. Everybody is, like, 'well done!', 'Good stuff!' A very supportive and positive community indeed. However, sometimes later people who actually used the products come back and share some REAL LIFE experience with the product, which is not always that positive and super-exciting. These comments are golden! One nugget like that means more than a hundred of upvotes or ten exclamations to me. When choosing from the list of related products I don't always have time to read all comments and see if of the hunters have anything against using the product in question. That's why team built PH Bench 'reads' Product Hunt comments for me and based on everything that's known about the product gives a comprehensive 0-100 score. A bunch of strongly worded comments can bring a mammoth product down. Hype is easy to gain (buy in some cases), the launching comes naturally to many product owners. The real experience of the real customers is what matters the most. Compare products, share your findings. PH Bench finds coupons and discounts, detects scams, dark UX patterns and arrogant CEOs. A bunch of strongly worded comments can bring a mammoth product down. Powered by Product Hunt API, Google Cloud Natural Language API, somewhat tricky math, and common sense. PH Bench is free.
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PH Bench detects dark UX patterns:
Similar quality products have similar scores: - -
Forgot to mention the good stuff. PH Bench can detect if one of the makers mentioned any specials, discounts or coupons in product posting comments.
Try changing a topic (category) in the search field and check out top products in trending topics: - Books: - Games: - Maps: ...
This is fascinating, @stas_kulesh. How do you detect "arrogant CEO's" and can you create an arrogance score? 😝
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@rrhoover Haha, thanks! Check out Intercom's product in here (high upvotes, poor reception): One of the trusted community members challenged the CEO and...
@rrhoover While we're talking here. One of the things that slow PH Bench down is the API requests limit. Can we increase it somehow? P.S.: I'd be delighted to work with PH team bringing similar functionality to the actual PH. Got a tech-savvy team of pros to feed over here. Thoughts?
Hey Stas! This is amazing. Well done! Quick question: how did you pick the emoji rating scale in the first category ("Reception")? It was slightly confusing at first - didn't know how to compare a πŸ™Œ launch to a 😝 launch, as both have positive connotations to me. Maybe 😑 😐 πŸ˜„ would be a better trio of emojis!
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@nickabouzeid I agree with your r proposed scale. I've seen that same scale in emoji satisfaction surveys and it definitely is clear what each means.
@nickabouzeid should probably switch to something like this
Great Idea! The idea behind Bench is solid. A great way to take a quick scan of everything. Dope 🚬🚬
@dredurr I hope you will use it in future, thanks for your feedback!
Do you have a reference to the math equation that you put in the "How it works" page?
@bluemonk482 It's pretty much what's in there, apart from the logarithm that evens out the benchmark distribution. As usual, the coefficients are the main ingredient of the secret sauce.