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Hey there Product Hunt! We just launched a Mac desktop app, a Windows desktop app and a Photoshop plugin to make the workflow for Pexels power users faster and nicer. You can now search our library of 15,000+ hand-picked free stock photos on your desktop. With the Mac and Windows apps photos can be pasted directly from the app into any other apps/programs like Illustrator, PowerPoint or Word. With the Photoshop plugin photos can be added as a clip mask or layer into any Photoshop project. All three apps come as part of a bundle which we call the Pexels Pro Tools. You can buy the Pexels Pro Tools for a one-time fee of $15. But as a Product Hunt user we have a special deal for you. You get to use the Pexels Pro Tools for free for two months no strings attached - no credit card required. Also, instead of 50 new photos per day we now publish 100 new hand-picked high quality free stock photos every day which means our photo library will grow with double the speed. By purchasing the Pexels Pro Tools you will help us to increase the number of photos even more in the future. We would love to hear your feedback!
Great, any Sketch plugin in the pipe?
@asatwork We don't have it planned yet. But a Sketch plugin would be a great addition.
@3runjo @asatwork Waiting for Sketch plugin :D
@asatwork yup a Sketch plugin would be pretty amazing :3
Nice to see the app. Pexels ...my go to place anytime I need some pics.
The photoshop plugin seems key here, as a value add over the web platform. Nice.
i love Pexels! i encourage anybody to buy your app and support your work. that being said, theres an app called Zoommy that costs like $5 and supports a large amount of different free stock sources, including Pexels. Btw, 100 free quality stock photos A DAY?! how does that even work?
@gopietz Thanks, it’s only possible thanks to a lot of great users uploading tons of amazing photos! Check out our leaderboard for the best photographers on Pexels: https://www.pexels.com/leaderboa...