Pets After Rapture

Protect your pets from today, to eternity


Pets After Rapture is a service that connects pets with non-Christians to take care of them after the rapture.

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They take the money of naïve people on a monthly basis without having to do anything in exchange because this service relies on something from a fantasy tale to actually happen in real life.

If it was a free service or if it assigned your pet to a caretaker after you died rather than it being specifically "after the rapture happens," then it would be fine. But this is clearly them using religion as an excuse to steal money from a cult of brainwashed people who don't know any better.

It's a scam.




This is a scam

How long would your pet survive on their own? If rapture happens to happen one night and you crate your dog fido and he has only a small bowl of water in the long can he survive? :( these are questions I think really gets you to think about these times we're in and planning for it.


Excellent idea! No one really knows if pets get raptured with believers. Safe to know your pets will have someone come to rescue them!


The only con would be finding out it's true and you left your pet to fend for themselves during the worst time in the world!





Scam/joke that takes advantage of people