Petrol Fuel for Dogs

Healthy energy drink for your pup

Petrol is a healthy, hydrating treat for dogs developed by a veterinary nutritionist. Dogs love it so much they lap it up 4:1 over regular water.

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I ❤️🐶 - Petrol says it'll give your dogs energy and they'll love it. Also, I like the idea of a simple liquid treat vs smelly biscuits/cookies/bones. cc: @Petrolfordogs
@jsneedles @petrolfordogs It's interesting... I feel like there's a bit of info missing from their IGG though: - I assume it's a liquid - is 1 bottle is 1 serve? Or is it more like a cordial type thing where you mix a capful with water? - What's in it? What are the "Vitamins your dog loves"? I'm not sure my dog loves vitamins per se :) - Does it actually improve hydration for my dog, or does it just make my dog want to drink more water? In terms of whether I would give this to @YahtzeeDog... I would never give him an "energy" drink, but this sounds more like a "sports" drink. He's a German Shepherd living in Australia, where it goes up over 40C/100F on a daily basis. His double coat means that he gets super hot super quick and at this point, he needs no convincing to gulp down large amounts of water after a walk - I have to basically stop him from drinking too much. So if this product helps hydrate my dog faster, that's appealing - but if it's designed to make him drink more water, probably less appealing
@rossdcurrie @petrolfordogs @yahtzeedog Ross with the amazing questions! It's probably my bad for calling it an "energy" drink -- I believe its more like gatorade than red bull lol.. As for the rest, the video definitely describes some more info on the ingredient and specifically pointing out the negative things it DOESN'T include :)
This is an elaborate satire joke right?