Make petmojis that look just like your pets!

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Joelle Alcaidinho
Joelle Alcaidinho@joelle_writes · ACI Researcher, misanthropic gadabout
Kane Rogers
Kane Rogers@kane_rogers · Computers
I'm semi-embarrassed to admit it, but I was really excited by this. Not in Australian App Store yet? 😔
Capri Galaska
Capri GalaskaHunter@caprihiggins · Co-Founder @anchorxyz
The Secret Life of Pets hit the mark with this! Design your petmojii via the website or DL their app to get sticker packs and a custom keyboard. The app has limited customization, however there are featured emojis based on your design. Coming soon for Android. Here's my fat cat, Louie.
Saab@michaelcunner · Maker
Wish I had a pet now just so I could make a emoji out of it.