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A simple, no-fee credit card


Build credit, track spending and manage money better, all with no credit score required.

8 Reviews
Chad Whitaker
Josh Kaplan
Trista Kempa
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  • diymanik
    diymanikDesign @ Thistle Health

    No credit score required is a life saver for building credit


    Make it faster to get started maybe?

    Just moved to SF from Canada and I've spent the past month and a half struggling to get my finances setup. I don't have a credit history and my Canadian bank doesn't provide a decent cross border account so I have to start completely from scratch. Even though I make a decent salary I've been rejected by Simple, Chime, Final, Capital One, and Chase, all because I don't have an American credit score. If this service works as advertised it will be one of the most useful and timely services I will have used in my life.

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  • Pros: 

    simple UI, low APR, and no fees


    rewards (coming in a while!)

    Full disclosure: I work at Petal, and I work here because I think this is an awesome product, especially for people new to credit, recent immigrants, and first time credit card owners.

    Nik Milanović has used this product for one day.
  • Diane Murray
    Diane MurrayMarried middle income



    Not different

    They say they are better than the rest, but turned me down for their card. Checked my account and pulled my credit. Said I dont have cash flow and my credit wasnt good enough. My account shows a cash flow of 7000 and my credit score is close to 700. Different? Really? I'll stick with capital one.

    Diane Murray has used this product for one day.
  • Fritz Rodriguez Jr.
    Fritz Rodriguez Jr.Founder/Lead Developer - SBM

    Might be a good options for those trying to rebuild their credit


    Not sure yet, maybe to learn more about the approval process?

    Definitely interested in seeing how this turns out!!

  • Jake Yormak
    Jake YormakInvestor

    Transparent credit process that rewards responsible people and doesn't rely on esoteric FICO


    Haven't used the beta yet...excited to test it out though

    Look forward to swiping with Petal!

  • Pros: 

    Exactly what the world needs


    Too early to tell

    Fixing everything that is wrong with credit cards today!

  • Pros: 

    Enables access for those who may not have a robust credit history


    Not aware of any cons

    Great concept!

  • Pros: 

    it ie new and beneficial


    expand its limits

    we needed something like this for a long time