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Jon Darke
Jon DarkeMaker@darkejon
This week Jon welcomes designer founder Murat Mutlu from Marvel App to discuss what it's like for a designer to leave the agency life behind and found a product company. It was great to hear about the journey, challenges and what the future has in store for this world class design tool. Marvel allows designers to turn their ideas into interactive prototypes that can be used to present and test.
Victor Bercaru
Victor Bercaru@victorbercaru · Designer
@mutlu82 - Murat, you've mentioned a json style guide that works in css, objective-c, can you tell me more on this topic or post some links? Thanks!
Murat Mutlu
Murat MutluMakerHiring@mutlu82 · Co-Founder, Marvelapp
Victor Bercaru
Victor Bercaru@victorbercaru · Designer
@mutlu82 good one!
I remember really early on in the Marvel days, opening a support ticket one evening, and getting a pretty much instant reply from Murat—even more exceptional considering he would have been five hours ahead of me, so it was basically the middle of the night. Really glad to see his hustle being rewarded. I've handed Marvel prototypes over to executives to take into ultra-important presentations with great success.