Framework for creating personas - visualize your audience

#3 Product of the DayDecember 28, 2014
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This is a cool app that provides a framework for creating personas. It's a good way to visualize your audience before you start building your product. Create the personas and then validate your assumptions.
This is a real nice idea. You should look into licensing these photos from Jason Travis ( take this whole thing up a notch.
It's an interesting idea - both links to the company and framework that they took this from are broken. Its a nice hack more than product, but useful in its shorthand to building personas.
Thats awesome, great start! I was thinking many times to create sth like this! Would be nice to see further versions coming out to add more behavioural data, like pains, pain relievers or daily routines (taking sth from customer development: )
This looks awesome. Have been meaning to create personas for a product or two I'm building for awhile now. Will give this a shot.