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Maximize conversions with 1:1 ad-to-page personalization

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Personalization by Instapage empowers you to tap into audience data to extend the personalized ad and campaign experience beyond the click, into the landing page. For the first time, you can create and optimize unique post-click experiences for each target audience in minutes and at scale - enabling true personalization that maximizes conversions.

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    I can easily create different experiences for my audiences


    don't have any yet

    I had to use dynamic changes which involved a lot of custom coding, but now a better feature is available directly on the Instapage app so I'm happy so far!

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Tyson Quick
Tyson QuickMaker@tysonquick · CEO Instapage
Tyson here, CEO at Instapage. Today we’re launching something that is personally very exciting for me as an entrepreneur and can immensely benefit the AdTech and MarTech community on Product Hunt. With this launch we are taking the first step to make 1:1 ad-to-page personalization a reality. As we evolved from a landing page builder to an advertising post-click optimization platform, we discovered a huge inefficiency in the digital advertising market - marketers are not tapping into the power of audience data to maximize conversions. After countless hours of market and user research, product scoping and building, we're announcing the Instapage Personalization solution. Personalization maximizes conversions with 1:1 personalized post-click experiences. We are the first and only company in the market to automate ad-to-page personalization. With Personalization you can: -Create any number of unique page experiences for a landing page -Attach experiences to specific audiences (currently based on UTM parameters) -Serve the right experience in real-time to the right audience -Automatically fall back to a default experience for audiences not attached to any experience -Add or delete experiences from a page in real-time -Create variations for a page experience to split test within a certain audience -Identify high-performing audiences by tracking metrics at audience level To learn more about our Personalization solution and how our technology works, visit our blog post (linked above). Check it out and let us know what you think. We'll be checking comments all day and answering your questions.
Nicolai Doreng-Stearns
Nicolai Doreng-Stearns@nicolai_doreng_stearns1 · Senior UX Designer at Instapage
A lot of hard work coming together right here. Super stoked.
Lachlan Kirkwood
Lachlan Kirkwood@lachlankirkwood · Digital Marketing Specialist
Can't wait to trial this! Always looking to drive conversions from paid ads, and this looks like such a powerful tool to do just that 👍
Saranya Babu
Saranya Babu@saranya_babu
@lachlankirkwood Yes it is. It takes the speed of advertising optimization to the next level. You can personalize your ad landing pages at the speed at which you optimize ads.
Taylen Peterson 🎈
Taylen Peterson 🎈@taylen24 · Marketing Communications Consultant
This is going to be huge! By aligning your landing page experiences with each individual advertising audience, you deliver a stronger and a more relevant message to each visitor who clicks on an ad. Lower cost-per-conversion, higher Quality Scores, and less wasted ad budget from clicks that bounce are all going to help advertisers maximize ROI. Very excited to watch this product.
Yuki Liu
Yuki Liu@yuki_liu
This new Personalization feature is great! It's very user friendly. It allows customers to target specific audiences with personalized experiences without having to create entirely new pages with unique URLs.