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Hey Product Hunters, We are excited to launch Personal Workbot, a Slack bot that continuously works on your behalf to get things done across all the apps you use. When we first released Workbot for Slack, it was about helping teams work do more with their apps from Slack. What we found from the 1700 companies using Workbot is what they really wanted was a solution that helps them cut through the noise and help them be personally more productive. The current app integrations and bots were causing a drain on their productivity by posting a lot more app messages than they could possibly process. Personal Workbot helps them to cut through the noise from apps. It: - DMs you only the most important and personally relevant notifications - Prompts you, pro-actively, to take actions based on best practice work flows - Personalizes the bot commands to match up perfectly with how you want to work with your apps from Slack - Integrates with AI tools like IBM Watson for sentiment analysis and auto-classification (of issues for instance) - Delivers charts and graphs for thousands of data objects from hundreds of apps and services, including Product Hunt. - Schedules actions and reports. E.g show your top leads from salesforce every morning when you come in to work Please see our blog post here for more info. We would love to know if you think Personal Workbot can help with your Slack use. Feedback and ideas would be great too :) I am here all of today to answer any questions. Vijay
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@vijaytella Vijay you've clearly had a massive amount of success with your Slack integration/bot. Can you please tell me what is the #1 tip for bot owners - something you've learned that's not obvious. Any surprises that you can only stumble upon by iterating and communicating with bot users/customers?
@paul__walsh Really great question! Thanks for asking. Two things that surprised us a bit, though, in hindsight, maybe they should not have: 1. We went in assuming that, given this is Slack, it is all about team collaboration and team productivity. We found that, in fact, in working with business apps, users are looking for Slack to be their personal console across their apps - so they can get all the info they want and take actions across apps without leaving Slack. i.e. that when it comes to working with apps, it is at least as much about personal productivity as it is about team collaboration. 2. We underestimated how much like humans users expect bots to be, including understanding of the intent behind or sentiment around what they are looking for. We are excited about some of the integrations we are working on with AI/NLP tools to help with this. Vijay
Hey everyone, Really excited about Personal Workbot. We looked at how our 1700 customers were using Workbot, surveyed and talked to a number of them on their experience with using Slack bots and this major update addresses some of the common themes we heard from them, which is helping them be more productive and provide ways to personalize the bot to their business and working styles. There are quite a few features that are packed in this release, some of the key ones are: - Getting only the notifications that matter to you delivered as a DM - rather than with all the other notifications on a channel and you having to figure it out. There are a number of things that act as signal towards relevancy. For example - say an urgent ticket comes in from one of your top customers and gets assigned to you, it will send you a DM. In this case, things like urgency of the ticket and revenue of the customer act as the signals. - Providing a way to easily schedule commands or actions to take at a certain time. This can be huge time saver! Instead of app-hopping every morning to, Workbot can deliver your priorities to you when you come in the office every morning. - Proactively recommend next step to take that is based on various app interactions. In this release we built a technology called Assist. What this does is understands the various interaction patterns between the apps that are used by a business and based on that prompts the user to take action. Like say, you create a lead in Marketo, it can check to see if the lead already exists in Salesforce and if not will prompt you to populate that in Salesforce as well. My favorite is the way you can easily personalize Workbot commands and notifications without any coding using Workato recipes. More details on how you can customize commands are at: https://www.workato.com/blog/201... Further, with this release we are also adding support for Trello, Box, Marketo. To get started with these apps, just type “Connect Trello”, or “Connect Box”, etc. And to see which commands are supported out-of-the box you can type “Help Marketo”, etc. If you’d like us to support any other apps or use cases / commands - let me know.
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@broy What's the best way to survey your customers Bhaskar?
@paul__walsh great question. Did it a few different ways: - added a command called "feedback" that Workbot users can use to send us feedback - used things like DMs through Workbot asking if they'd be open to providing feedback and surveying through that, emails to some customers with surveys - talking to them 1:1 over the phone to get more qualitative feedback
@broy Oh boy I never thought of having a feedback command. Doh! We have a link at the end of each response "Speak to a human now" which links to a chat window. But I'd rather have our bot be able to open a real dialog with a customer support person.
@paul__walsh we are also working on a command called "agent". What this does is starts a chat session with someone from our side to help them out. No separate window - all done as DMs back and forth with Workbot providing a seamless experience for the end user.
@broy We built the tool that will allow that :) Great idea. I think it's important.
This looks really great. We use Slack in our company all the time and sometimes we do feel like we're swamped with irrelevant notifications. I'm excited to try this out! How exactly can I personalize the bot commands so I can tailor to my company’s needs?
Thanks @suyuen! We do hope you give it a shot. Workbot commands are powered by what we call 'recipes'. A recipe describes how Workbot works with your apps to get the info you are looking for or take actions you want to take in your apps. A command (the underlying recipe) can work across multiple apps, Here is an example of a Workbot recipe that delivers 360 degree view of a customer in Slack without having to go to each of those apps to get this info. Info about opportunities with that customer is pulled from Salesforce, pending trouble tickets for that customer are from Zendesk and recent invoices and payments for that customer are retrieved from QuickBooks. https://www.workato.com/recipes/... You can take this recipe and modify it to change the apps out and the data you want from these apps for your own personalized Customer 360 view. There is more info here about how you can go about creating your own Slack Workbot commands or tweaking the behaviors of existing ones. https://workato.dreamhosters.com... Let us know how it goes! Vijay
@vijaytella Awesome stuff! We use Zendesk, Google Sheets, Xero and looking at JIRA right now. Do you guys support these?
@suyuen Yes, we support all of these. With Jira, we support the cloud version today. The on-prem version is in beta.
Looking forward to checking it out over the next week in my team slack account.
Is there a way for our marketing department to hook up Marketo into Slack? We are especially interested in taking contacts from LinkedIn, and finally pushing the results into Salesforce.
@anshublog Workbot now supports Marketo as well. This is a scenario that we see of getting leads from a system, cleansing them and then finally making it available in Marketo and Salesforce. There are recipes from the Workato community for this. Also, now with Workbot there are commands available to view these leads and their activities from both Marketo and Salesforce.
@anshublog A lot of customers are using Workbot with Salesforce and Marketo. Here is a customer that is pulling in leads from different sources, cleansing them, enhancing them and getting them integrated into Salesforce using Workbot and Workato. Personal Workbot can potentially make this process more efficient by having only the leads relevant to an individual marketer to be sent to them for cleansing and enhancement. https://medium.com/@Workato/the-...