Perpetua Project

Curated events for investors, operators & founders

Because relationships give you an edge.
Join our curated network that brings you live and digital private events on topics you want to discuss with members you want to meet.
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Thanks for posting Perpetua Project, Tristan! What started as 20-person dinners around specific industries ended up growing to 100+ person events. Though during these times, we offer virtual panels with Founders, Partners, and Senior Operators to our curated network, in addition to other resources.
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Wow, I think this is exceptional and a different way of doing it. Networking is by far the number 1 skill that has helped me throughout my life and I think you'll take this far Erica!!
Who doesn't love thoughtfully curated events!?
@pollock Soooooo true!
@ericaamatori what event are you most excited about coming up?
@pollock Def the next one! A panel around 'The stay-at-home lifestyle' with the founders of MiniBar, Burrow, and Obe Fitness. However, lots of other good stuff in the pipeline :)
What a great take on relationship and community building. Excited to see where this goes Erica and Chris!
@carson_sweezy Thanks Carson! Would love to talk about community building with you sometime
This is awesome!!!
@sarah_wood1 Woo - we think so too ;)