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The app that pays you to play


Perksy is a next-gen, DIY consumer insights platform that powers real-time research with Millennials and Gen-Z through an immersive mobile app that rewards them for answering your questions.

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Customer Acquisition & Sales

I really enjoy using the app, but since the frequency on which you receive surveys is very low, it's long before you get the chance to redeem a reward. I only redeemed one reward since I downloaded the app around a year ago, and I take every survey that I receive. Maybe this is just for Canadian users?


Nice UI/UX, Fun to use, Easy and simple


Rewards are limited for Canada, Not a lot of surveys (like around 1 per week or less)

@vincent_crakrev Stoked to hear you enjoy using Perksy and thank you for being an early adopter! We're constantly working with more brands to send more stacks to the community--2019 will be a big year and we hope you rack up a ton of points!

Perksy allows brands to get the insights they need from targeted (willing) consumers. I think that it is a much better way to use and collect data and use data compared to other methods - looking at you Facebook


Great concept, plenty of perks ;)


Need more pet brand rewards to spend on my coco

Hey @seanmahoney1992, glad you're liking Perksy! We're always looking to add to the Perkstore, so we'll make sure to keep an eye out for Coco-friendly rewards.
Founder & CEO of Perksy
Hi @seanmahoney1992! I'm the CEO of Perksy. Glad you are liking it! I literally love dogs so this is definitely something I'm into. Any suggestions for great pet perks? We'd love to hear them!

Perksy makes giving feedback fun and interactive. Cool to know that I can have such a direct line to brands and also be rewarded for it.


User-friendly, engaging, fun


More surveys needed!